Okunda san Miguel

A historic church in the Spanish city of llanera was transformed into a skate-park earlier this year by La Iglesia Skate; titled Kaos Temple, it has now undergone a second, more colorful transformation at the hands of street-artist Okuda San Miguel.

Video of the week

Her name is Dot, she is smaller than a centimeter, and this is the smallest stop frame animation in the world. It’s also celebrating technology that can save lives. Be sure to check out the making of video afterwards!

Video of the week

It Monday, it’s video of the week time. No Music, just a short 3D Animation showing the death of a star and it turning into a black hole. Beautiful visual representation. On another note, amongst Diplo’s mad ramblings I managed to find

Lucky Dip

There is a real mix of stuff here, but feeling them all for one reason or another! All free to download so go for it! First up is a man i can’t get enough of in the Hip Hop world right now. Loving his Album ‘Sir Lucious Left foot, son of

Magnetic Man

There’s so much hype surrounding everything the trendsetters in dubstep do, that you’d be forgiven for thinking Magnetic Man’s new album would probably yield a few commercial singles and a few underground ‘bangers’. But

Stereotypical Breakfasts

Stereotypes are often crass and crude, with little left to the imagination. Oliver Schwarzwald a German photographer however, has turned the tables and produced 4 beautifully subtle stereotypes in the form of our National breakfasts. Hats off to the

The river runs dry

Hey, sorry about the lack of posts the past week. I’ve currently been moving house to a new city and have yet to sort out the Internet. Will be back with an onslaught of posts probably the same time the summer sun gives way and the heavens


I’m sure the Festival was immense, but this is a nice animation/musical tune that is done to some mesmerising visuals… Enjoy